Trauma Counseling

During her tenure as a crimes against children detective, Dena has helped thousands of children and their families through some of the worst types of trauma imaginable. She has a passion for helping these children and their protective caregivers. Dena understands the shock, sorrow, betrayal, and guilt a child or parent feels when someone they trusted or stranger harms a child for incomprehensible reasons. She utilizes researched-based approaches to help people who have experienced a traumatic event overcome and go on to lead successful lives.

Dena also offers counseling to adults who have experienced traumatic events such as natural disasters, domestic violence, trauma as a result of a medical procedure or illness, sexual assault, witnessed a homicide/suicide, and abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual). She also focuses on vicarious trauma suffered by those in professions such as social workers, public safety, and medical professionals. Survival mode is supposed to be a phase that saves your life. It is not meant to be how you live (Rosenthal, 2015). There is no shame or weakness in seeking help.