Making the choice to seek therapy, whether for you or your child, requires an enormous amount of courage.  It shows a desire for change. Groundwork Counseling is devoted to inspiring hope and growth so clients may become mindful and make choices toward a more successful life.  Each person is unique. For some, talking in one of our cozy offices is what is needed. Others prefer being outside and working with our horses. Our qualified team incorporates a variety of approaches to create an experience that is specific for each individual. We are a unique counseling practice offering traditional clinical counseling and will be offering equine facilitated therapy in the near future. Groundwork Counseling is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment to heal, develop confidence, and gain awareness so that you may reach your full potential.

Here are some examples of different kinds of issues we help people with:

  • Adolescent & teen issues
  • Anxiety
  • Career indecision or confusion
  • Depression
  • Divorce care for adults and children
  • Grief or loss (including hospice clients or family members)
  • Life transitions
  • Parenting
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Spiritual issues
  • Substance recovery (post in-patient support)
  • Trauma (PTSD and work related)